January 8, 2013

Make a Flowery Crafty Bands Bracelet

Hi! I'm Alison, daughter of Kate Vickers
, a scrapbooker, crafter and recent Guest Designer at Epiphany Crafts. I'm 8 years old and I live in Ontario, Canada. I'm happy to be a Guest Designer at Crafty Bands today! I want to show you how to make this flower bracelet.


Final Project

You will need:
  1. Silk or fabric flowers - We got ours from Michael's

  • Crafty Bands punch
  • (included in the Starter Kit)
  • 5 Bubble Caps
  • 5 Crafty Snaps
  • Adhesive - We used Helmar Premium Craft Glue
  • Scrapbooking paper - We used 'Pretty Parkway' from the 5th & Frolic Collection by American Crafts

  • Bracelet Supplies

    How to Make Your Bracelet
    1. Remove the flowers from the stems and remove the plastic centres. You will need 10 flowers, 2 for each Crafty Snap.

    Remove Flower

    2. Take the scrapbooking paper and put it into the Crafty Bands punch. Line up your paper inside to show the image that you would like to punch out.

    Punch on Paper

    3. Put the Bubble Cap inside the punch and press down firmly until you hear a click. The Bubble Cap will be attached to your punched out image. Remove it from the punch.

    Add Bubble Cap

    4. Glue the Bubble Cap onto the top of the Crafty Snap.

    Glue Epoxy onto base

    5. Insert the back of the Crafty Snap into the inside of the bracelet. Add two of the flowers as shown here.

    Add Flower to Band

    6. Add the Crafty Snap top onto the flower, lining up the bottom and top of the Crafty Snap. Press down to attach them. You should hear a click.

    Add Cap

    7. Repeat steps 1 to 6 for the remaining holes on the bracelet. Your finished bracelet should look something like this.

    Crafty Bands Bracelet

    Enjoy your new flower bracelet! Thanks for having me today.


    1. Cute bracelet, Alison! Your tutorial was really easy to follow! I can't wait to show my daughter!

    2. Great job! Never stop being creative!

      I have my 8 yr pld niece over every chance I can, and we make all kinds of things. She always asks "what are we making next Aunt Rhonda?" I will always incourage....never discourage....everything she makes is beautiful , uniqe and perfect....cause she did it herself!

    3. awesome Alison~love the flower behind the button!! Great job!!!

    4. SO CUTE!! Congrats on a great project and being guest designer!! :D

    5. Great job. Isn't it fun to make crafts? Especially things you can wear that look so cute. Nice job.

    6. Thank you Julia and Epiphany for giving Alison this opportunity! It means a lot to her. :)

      Alison: I'm so proud of you! Love, Mom

    7. Thank you for the tutorial Alison! You did an awesome job demonstrating it!

    8. Very pretty Alison - way to go!

    9. That's amazing Alison! You did an awesome tutorial.

    10. SUPER CUTE!!! You did an awesome job, and I can't wait to show my 8 year old daughter how to make these too!

    11. Super cute bracelet. I see some great potential and spiring great talent

    12. Thank you for a great tutorial - it's very easy to see what you were doing to make this cute bracelet :-)

    13. Adorable bracelet, and such a great tutorial :)
      WTG Alison!

    14. Awesome bracelet Alison! Would love to have one! *hint hint*

    15. What a fabulous bracelet Alison!!!! and what a terrific tutorial! You're awesome!

    16. Cute bracelet Alison!!! I can tell who you got your crafty talent from... :-)
      Hope to see more projects made by you in the future!!


    17. Very cute! Great tutorial, Alison!

    18. Beautiful bracelet Alison! WTG~

    19. WOW! The talent runs in the family. Beautiful bracelet! Keep up the great work sweetie. So proud of you!

    20. That was a fantastic tutorial Alison and the bracelet is beautiful! Such talent! We are proud of you sweetheart!

    21. Awesome alison! You are very talented :)


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