April 6, 2013

Create a Crafty Band for Autism Awareness

April is Autism Awareness month and what better way to show you support then by making a personalized Crafty Bands Bracelet!

Our Ice color Crafty Bands and Snaps will have you stepping out in style and showing your support too!

Simply use our Picto-Gizmo software with any image you have to resize to fit our Crafty Bands Snaps. Print  your images and get ready to create! 

Once you have printed your images, slide them into your Crafty Bands Shape Tool. Add a Bubble Cap and press!

Continue until you have the amount of Snaps you would like for your bracelet.

Then select a adhesive square or Zot and press the Bubble Caps onto your Snaps.
Snap the Crafty Bands Snaps onto your Crafty Bands bracelet. 

Show your support proudly!

Share the word...support Autism Awareness all year long!

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