October 31, 2012

Spooky Halloween Crafty Band!

We wanted to make a super-spooky Crafty Band to celebrate our favorite Holiday - HALLOWEEN!!
The first thing we did was find some creepy but fun images, we did a search for an old haunted house puzzle and quickly found the perfect picture on the internet. After choosing a few ghastly characters from the pic we printed them out, made our charms and in no time had a brilliantly bewitching bracelet! Want to create your own custom charm bracelets? Then head over to Paper Wishes and pick up a Crafty Bands Starter Kit, be sure to send us some pics of what you make!

All the images have been printed and are ready to punch.

It's super easy to get the picture right where you want it!

It took about 2 minutes to punch all 5 Bubble Caps.

We used Grape and Lime Crafty Snaps on a Grape Crafty Band to make it EXTRA CREEPY!

Our Crafty Band is ready to show off for Halloween!

October 23, 2012

Crafty Bands Store now open!

Great news - the Crafty Bands Amazon Store is now open! This is a great place to order a Starter Kit or stock up on Bubble Caps and Refill Kits!

Crafty Bands Store

October 16, 2012

Crafty Bands ROCKED the Ontario Scrapbook Expo!

Crafty Bands were a hit last weekend at the Scrapbook Expo in Ontario California! Quite a few lucky young customers left the show with a Crafty Bands Starter Kit tucked under their arm - one young lady even danced in the aisle when her Mom handed one to her! Now it's time to get ready to do it all again in Oregon this weekend Oct 19-20 at Scrapbook Expo Portland!

Stocked and ready!

She only stopped dancing so we could take the picture!

With 4 Crafty Bands and 20 Crafty Snaps in the Starter Kit - there's plenty for everyone.

She's ready to go home and get started!

Time to get crafty.

Your design, your style.

October 8, 2012

Crafty Bands Custom Charm Jewelry

Crafty Bands are perfect for fun, stylish girls (even us bigger girls too!)

Crafty Bands are a new and unique way to create custom charm jewelry from 
photos, magazines, or almost any type of paper! Use our Studio Tool and
self adhesive Bubble Caps to create dazzling custom epoxies that t perfectly
into our Crafty Snap settings. Add a customized Bubble Cap to one of our
Crafty Snaps and you have a tradeable, collectable charm that you can
mix and match on one of our Crafty Bands!

Come follow Crafty Bands on Facebook! Here's a link to our Facebook wall!

Look for Crafty Bands this weekend at Scrapbook Expo in Ontario, California!
Stop by the Epiphany Crafts booth to see Crafty Bands and pick them up for the upcoming holiday season!
You'll definitely make someone's holiday just a bit brighter!!

October 7, 2012

Pinning Crafty Bands On Pinterest

That's right! You can now pin your favorite images here on the Crafty Bands blog to your Pinterest page! Simply click on the individual post title (right above this)..a new post window will open with the pin it button! Click "pin it" and you're on your way to sharing our products with all your friends and more!

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