October 31, 2012

Spooky Halloween Crafty Band!

We wanted to make a super-spooky Crafty Band to celebrate our favorite Holiday - HALLOWEEN!!
The first thing we did was find some creepy but fun images, we did a search for an old haunted house puzzle and quickly found the perfect picture on the internet. After choosing a few ghastly characters from the pic we printed them out, made our charms and in no time had a brilliantly bewitching bracelet! Want to create your own custom charm bracelets? Then head over to Paper Wishes and pick up a Crafty Bands Starter Kit, be sure to send us some pics of what you make!

All the images have been printed and are ready to punch.

It's super easy to get the picture right where you want it!

It took about 2 minutes to punch all 5 Bubble Caps.

We used Grape and Lime Crafty Snaps on a Grape Crafty Band to make it EXTRA CREEPY!

Our Crafty Band is ready to show off for Halloween!

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